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The Best Game Music of All Time

While we played Jajamaru Ninpo Cho on stream the other day, everyone commented on the quality of the battle music. I threatened to make a long video out of it, and then I did! Please enjoy this amazing battle music in an all new way!

Famicom Exorcism #2 w/ Guest Star: KingDarian!

A few days ago we held our second Famicom Exorcism, and since KingDarian was in town at the time, we let him pick the Famicom game this time! He eventually chose a game called Jajamaru Ninpo Cho, which almost got released in English as Taro’s Quest. It was fun and the music was bad – […]

Introducing the Famicom Exorcism Series! (Name Pending…)

Poe and I bought a big lot of random Famicom games a couple years back, and we’ve wanted to stream them at random for a long time. So we finally began a new series the other night, tentatively called the Famicom Exorcism series! Basically, each time, we’ll choose a random game from our pile of […]