Magician Lord One-Shot

It’s been almost a whole month since we last streamed, due to sickness and a pair of new kittens. But we wanted to stream at least once in February, so we went with Magician Lord for the Neo Geo! Our goal was to play through the entire game and get screenshots of all the bad English for my upcoming Legends of Localization projects. Some interesting discussions and even our first giveaway happened, so check it out!

Poemato CX Fan Mail – Cool Calendar from TheYadda

Poemato CX fan, The Yadda, recently sent us a very special calendar that he picked up while he was in Japan. It’s a Yokai Watch x McDonald’s 2016 calendar that apparently cost less than 500 yen. It features full-color images for every month of the year, comes with cute schedule stickers, and even a special Jibanyan + Ronald McDonald medal!

Yokai Watch McDonald's Calendar

Yokai Watch McDonald's medal

What a creepy image… There’s a QR code on the back, which presumably only works in the Japanese version of the game. If we ever play our copy of Yokai Watch again, we’ll scan the code and see what we get!

Thanks so much, The Yadda!

~ Poe

Tomato Adventure Live Translation Begins!

The other day we started streaming Tomato Adventure on Twitch, using the old alpha translation patch I made in 2008 along with my own live translation ability. You can check out the whole first stream here or in pieces on YouTube here.

Just like with Yokai Watch, we’re coming up with localized names as we go along, so if you have any good ideas be sure to share them with us!

Try Our First Mario Maker Levels!

The other day we finally bought Super Mario Maker… and we’re of course not very good at it. But I decided to make a few levels to try to learn the ropes… see if you like them! I prefer simple levels over really flashy, fancy ones, so hopefully that shows!

Mato 1-1: Naive

Mato 1-2: Exchange

Mato 1-3: Bareknuckle

They’re not TOO hard, so hopefully you won’t die a million times!

Poemato CX Yokai Watch Finale!

Over the past week or so we finally streamed the rest of Yokai Watch and finished the super post-game dungeon! If you missed it, it all starts here!

We had 249 videos on YouTube, so we decided to do one last one to make a nice even 250. In the final video, we look back at all the yokai we caught, what we named them, and what the official English names are. We also look at all the entries in our Yokaipedia!

We’ll probably play a little bit of the English game after it comes out, but this is the end of our Yokai Watch playthrough! We do own Yokai Watch 2 and we’ll play it eventually, but we don’t plan to play it in the immediate future. We’ve gotten a little yokai-ed out, and with so little time and so many other games on our plate, we’d like to take a yokai break 😛

Yokai Watch Mato Quests Begin

Because Poe and I are so super busy lately, I decided that I’ll record a bunch of Yokai Watch sidequests off-stream and post them to YouTube little by little. I finally took some time out to get started on that, and here’s the first one!

There’ll be at least two more in the near future, since I just finished 3 quests. I’ll try to record more when I can. We still plan to beat the super-dungeon before the English game gets released, although it might turn out to be a bit tough.

Zelda on an Actual Famicom Disk System!

We’ve had a Famicom Disk System sitting in a box for a good while, but we never tested it out. So we decided to try it out on stream to see if it works!

We play through a bit of Zelda 1, chatting about all sorts of topics and sharing a bunch of stuff about the game many don’t know about. Check it out!

For whatever reason, embedding playlists doesn’t work on this site anymore, so you can watch the full stream here:

Also check out our Zelda book here!

Buy Some Glitches, Will Ya?!

We made our return to Twitch the other day after almost a month away! I’ll talk all about that another time, but for now, here’s a highlight from the latest stream – we glitched up EarthBound’s music on accident and this is the result:

You can download a 3-minute MP3 of this song here, too!

See you next glitch!

The Ultimate Painting Attacks!

Life is still insanely busy at the Poemato house – more busy than it’s ever been! A million things are happening all at once like a giant whirlwind of busy-ness, so streams will be few for the next week or two or three. Once we’ve fully moved into our new house and gotten everything hooked up, we’ll return for good. Who knows, maybe our stream layout will get a bit of a change too!

For now, here’s a painting that kee_fry in the Poemato CX chat sent us as a housewarming gift 😯


Our new neighbors are going to poop their pants if they ever stop by!

We Played Yokai Watch and Shared Fan Mail!

We finally streamed some more Yokai Watch the other day, and before we began we shared some cool fan mail we received!

Oh yeah, and we finally started the ACTUAL post-game content, which has led us to the post-game super dungeon: Infinite Hell!

Because I’m so busy I’ve been putting up the archives for this particular stream a little by little over time. But you can check it all out eventually here!