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Poemato CX Yokai Watch Finale!

Over the past week or so we finally streamed the rest of Yokai Watch and finished the super post-game dungeon! If you missed it, it all starts here! We had 249 videos on YouTube, so we decided to do one last one to make a nice even 250. In the final video, we look back […]

Yokai Watch Mato Quests Begin

Because Poe and I are so super busy lately, I decided that I’ll record a bunch of Yokai Watch sidequests off-stream and post them to YouTube little by little. I finally took some time out to get started on that, and here’s the first one! There’ll be at least two more in the near future, […]

Zelda on an Actual Famicom Disk System!

We’ve had a Famicom Disk System sitting in a box for a good while, but we never tested it out. So we decided to try it out on stream to see if it works! We play through a bit of Zelda 1, chatting about all sorts of topics and sharing a bunch of stuff about […]