Poemato CX Yokai Watch Finale!

Over the past week or so we finally streamed the rest of Yokai Watch and finished the super post-game dungeon! If you missed it, it all starts here!

We had 249 videos on YouTube, so we decided to do one last one to make a nice even 250. In the final video, we look back at all the yokai we caught, what we named them, and what the official English names are. We also look at all the entries in our Yokaipedia!

We’ll probably play a little bit of the English game after it comes out, but this is the end of our Yokai Watch playthrough! We do own Yokai Watch 2 and we’ll play it eventually, but we don’t plan to play it in the immediate future. We’ve gotten a little yokai-ed out, and with so little time and so many other games on our plate, we’d like to take a yokai break 😛

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