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Status Update!

Mato here! I’m still sick but getting better – I got a really bad cough too, so it might be a while until we’re good enough to stream without me blowing up people’s ears with my bellowing throat howls. Things are also starting to get mighty busy for us. We’re finishing up getting our new […]

The Best Game Music of All Time

While we played Jajamaru Ninpo Cho on stream the other day, everyone commented on the quality of the battle music. I threatened to make a long video out of it, and then I did! Please enjoy this amazing battle music in an all new way!

Famicom Exorcism #2 w/ Guest Star: KingDarian!

A few days ago we held our second Famicom Exorcism, and since KingDarian was in town at the time, we let him pick the Famicom game this time! He eventually chose a game called Jajamaru Ninpo Cho, which almost got released in English as Taro’s Quest. It was fun and the music was bad – […]

Poemato CX on Hold for Recovery Time

As many of you know, Camp Fangamer was last weekend. Mato met and shook hands with hundreds of people, and as a result he’s come down with a post-con cold! It’s a pretty bad one, so we’re gonna take some time off from Poemato CX for a few days so Mato can rest and recover. There probably […]

Ongoing Special Offer with Fangamer

I’m not sure how many people are aware of the ongoing special offer Poemato CX has with Fangamer. If you order something from Fangamer, mention Mato, myself, or Poemato CX in the comments when you check out. I work at there, so I’ll add some extra free goodies & Mato will draw some weird things and […]

Growing My Yokai Watch Merch Collection

I found this totally cute, totally functional little Yokai Watch bento box at a local Japanese restaurant yesterday! This particular restaurant makes awesome food, and they have a little section of nerdy merchandise from Japan that’s severely overpriced. When I saw this, I couldn’t resist and I had to buy it! I feel like the […]

EarthBound Central Live – Camp Fangamer Special!

Camp Fangamer ended about two days ago, and so much happened! Poe and I spend this episode of EarthBound Central Live trying to remember it all, but it’s literally hard to remember everything! Thanks to all the Poemato CX people who were there for the streams! And thanks to everyone we met who were fans […]

Poemato CX Business Cards are Real!

We’re taking 100 Poemato CX business cards to Camp Fangamer this weekend and giving them away! If you talk to either of us, we’ll give you a card if we remember. Mato will even draw something on the back of the card if you request it!  

Camp Fangamer Mods Needed

Camp Fangamer starts really soon, and Fangamer asked me if any Poemato CX chatters would like to help moderate the Twitch chat during Fangamer’s live streams on Saturday and Sunday. I’d only feel comfortable giving mods to current Poemato CX mods and Poemato CX regulars/oldbies, so if you’re interested, let me and Poe know on […]

Mato Draws, Episode 19

LuckLightPlays cashed in 500 Tomato Points a good while back for a drawing! And here it is! And here it is when we debuted it – it took people a while to guess the correct answer!