Try Our First Mario Maker Levels!

The other day we finally bought Super Mario Maker… and we’re of course not very good at it. But I decided to make a few levels to try to learn the ropes… see if you like them! I prefer simple levels over really flashy, fancy ones, so hopefully that shows!

Mato 1-1: Naive

Mato 1-2: Exchange

Mato 1-3: Bareknuckle

They’re not TOO hard, so hopefully you won’t die a million times!

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One Response to “Try Our First Mario Maker Levels!”

  1. John H. says:

    There are some interesting ideas in there, but the levels are too precise and fiddly. It’s possible to jump five blocks high from a one block runway, but it’s not something generally to rely upon.

    Still, they are not bad for a first effort.