Poemato CX Fan Mail – Cool Calendar from TheYadda

Poemato CX fan, The Yadda, recently sent us a very special calendar that he picked up while he was in Japan. It’s a Yokai Watch x McDonald’s 2016 calendar that apparently cost less than 500 yen. It features full-color images for every month of the year, comes with cute schedule stickers, and even a special Jibanyan + Ronald McDonald medal!

Yokai Watch McDonald's Calendar

Yokai Watch McDonald's medal

What a creepy image… There’s a QR code on the back, which presumably only works in the Japanese version of the game. If we ever play our copy of Yokai Watch again, we’ll scan the code and see what we get!

Thanks so much, The Yadda!

~ Poe

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One Response to “Poemato CX Fan Mail – Cool Calendar from TheYadda”

  1. TheYadda says:

    Glad you guys liked it! 🙂