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Magician Lord One-Shot

It’s been almost a whole month since we last streamed, due to sickness and a pair of new kittens. But we wanted to stream at least once in February, so we went with Magician Lord for the Neo Geo! Our goal was to play through the entire game and get screenshots of all the bad […]

Tomato Adventure Live Translation Begins!

The other day we started streaming Tomato Adventure on Twitch, using the old alpha translation patch I made in 2008 along with my own live translation ability. You can check out the whole first stream here or in pieces on YouTube here. Just like with Yokai Watch, we’re coming up with localized names as we […]

Poemato CX Yokai Watch Finale!

Over the past week or so we finally streamed the rest of Yokai Watch and finished the super post-game dungeon! If you missed it, it all starts here! We had 249 videos on YouTube, so we decided to do one last one to make a nice even 250. In the final video, we look back […]

Zelda on an Actual Famicom Disk System!

We’ve had a Famicom Disk System sitting in a box for a good while, but we never tested it out. So we decided to try it out on stream to see if it works! We play through a bit of Zelda 1, chatting about all sorts of topics and sharing a bunch of stuff about […]

We Played Yokai Watch and Shared Fan Mail!

We finally streamed some more Yokai Watch the other day, and before we began we shared some cool fan mail we received! Oh yeah, and we finally started the ACTUAL post-game content, which has led us to the post-game super dungeon: Infinite Hell! Because I’m so busy I’ve been putting up the archives for this […]

We Played the Zelda 1 Prototype!

We played the Zelda 1 prototype the other day on Poemato CX! I needed to get a few screenshots for my upcoming Zelda book, so we decided to make a stream out of it… and it turned out to be pretty cool and memorable! You can check out the full stream playlist here. (For some […]

We Streamed Work for My Upcoming Zelda Book!

My very first Legends of Localization book is well underway, and it’s even listed on Fangamer’s store now! Sign up to be notified when preorders are available! Anyway, I needed to get some final screenshots from the GBA version of Zelda 1’s second quest for the book, so yesterday we streamed the whole thing! It […]

Poemato CX Stream Magic Anniversary!

I was looking at old stuff and realized that today marks the 1 year anniversary of the day I showed off my first “stream magic” on Poemato CX! You might recall it was for Final Fantasy VI T-Edition, which was an amazing game by itself, but the whole poemato+game+chat connection really helped us level up […]

Status Update!

Mato here! I’m still sick but getting better – I got a really bad cough too, so it might be a while until we’re good enough to stream without me blowing up people’s ears with my bellowing throat howls. Things are also starting to get mighty busy for us. We’re finishing up getting our new […]

Famicom Exorcism #2 w/ Guest Star: KingDarian!

A few days ago we held our second Famicom Exorcism, and since KingDarian was in town at the time, we let him pick the Famicom game this time! He eventually chose a game called Jajamaru Ninpo Cho, which almost got released in English as Taro’s Quest. It was fun and the music was bad – […]