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Try Our First Mario Maker Levels!

The other day we finally bought Super Mario Maker… and we’re of course not very good at it. But I decided to make a few levels to try to learn the ropes… see if you like them! I prefer simple levels over really flashy, fancy ones, so hopefully that shows! Mato 1-1: Naive C64A-0000-00D1-0130 Mato […]

Yokai Watch Mato Quests Begin

Because Poe and I are so super busy lately, I decided that I’ll record a bunch of Yokai Watch sidequests off-stream and post them to YouTube little by little. I finally took some time out to get started on that, and here’s the first one! There’ll be at least two more in the near future, […]

Buy Some Glitches, Will Ya?!

We made our return to Twitch the other day after almost a month away! I’ll talk all about that another time, but for now, here’s a highlight from the latest stream – we glitched up EarthBound’s music on accident and this is the result: You can download a 3-minute MP3 of this song here, too! […]

Poe’s Recommended Books & Movies

Just as Mato started┬áto get over his cold/flu, I developed a sore throat & cough! Nobody wants to listen to a pair of coughing sickies play video games, so Poemato CX will be on hold for a little longer than anticipated.┬áSince we haven’t been streaming, we’ve been watching movies on Netflix instead. I’ve also been […]

The Best Game Music of All Time

While we played Jajamaru Ninpo Cho on stream the other day, everyone commented on the quality of the battle music. I threatened to make a long video out of it, and then I did! Please enjoy this amazing battle music in an all new way!

Growing My Yokai Watch Merch Collection

I found this totally cute, totally functional little Yokai Watch bento box at a local Japanese restaurant yesterday! This particular restaurant makes awesome food, and they have a little section of nerdy merchandise from Japan that’s severely overpriced. When I saw this, I couldn’t resist and I had to buy it! I feel like the […]

One of Poemato CX’s Youngest Fans!

Poopballoon and WeedGokuYoloWife are adored regulars in the Poemato CX chat, and apparently their daughter finds our streams entertaining too! .@ClydeMandelin @floatypoe have a good night! — mlwoakes (@wgywife) July 14, 2015 Hopefully it’s because we’re silly and not because we’re smelly…

Beta Poemato CX Business Cards

Been working on the very first Poemato CX business cards! Here’s the beta version. Mato & I will be handing these out at Camp Fangamer next week. We’re planning on cycling through 6-8 different quotes at the bottom… maybe one of yours is on there!