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The Ultimate Painting Attacks!

Life is still insanely busy at the Poemato house – more busy than it’s ever been! A million things are happening all at once like a giant whirlwind of busy-ness, so streams will be few for the next week or two or three. Once we’ve fully moved into our new house and gotten everything hooked […]

Possible New Poemato CX Logo?

A few months ago, I designed a new Poemato CX logo for use on streams, business cards, stickers, etc. It’s sorta based on Whisper’s little stamp when you complete a quest in Yokai Watch! As of right now, it only exists in sketch form. ~ Poe

We Started a Poemato CX Wiki!

I have no experience with wikis or anything else, but for a long time I’ve felt we could probably use one for Poemato CX. So here it is, at last: Poemato CX Wikia Some early ideas I have for the wiki include: Compiling all our Yokai Watch enemy/item names and comparing them with the upcoming […]

Poemato CX Site Upgrade!

At last, Poemato CX levels up! I’ve been meaning to improve our site for months and months now, but kept putting it off. Now the chosen time has come! If you’re reading this, consider yourself lucky! You will have a good day today! Now to continue testing all the features of this theme I hacked […]