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Poemato CX Fan Mail – Cool Calendar from TheYadda

Poemato CX fan, The Yadda, recently sent us a very special calendar that he picked up while he was in Japan. It’s a Yokai Watch x McDonald’s 2016 calendar that apparently cost less than 500 yen. It features full-color images for every month of the year, comes with cute schedule stickers, and even a special […]

Poemato CX Yokai Watch Finale!

Over the past week or so we finally streamed the rest of Yokai Watch and finished the super post-game dungeon! If you missed it, it all starts here! We had 249 videos on YouTube, so we decided to do one last one to make a nice even 250. In the final video, we look back […]

Yokai Watch Mato Quests Begin

Because Poe and I are so super busy lately, I decided that I’ll record a bunch of Yokai Watch sidequests off-stream and post them to YouTube little by little. I finally took some time out to get started on that, and here’s the first one! There’ll be at least two more in the near future, […]

We Played Yokai Watch and Shared Fan Mail!

We finally streamed some more Yokai Watch the other day, and before we began we shared some cool fan mail we received! Oh yeah, and we finally started the ACTUAL post-game content, which has led us to the post-game super dungeon: Infinite Hell! Because I’m so busy I’ve been putting up the archives for this […]

Status Update!

Mato here! I’m still sick but getting better – I got a really bad cough too, so it might be a while until we’re good enough to stream without me blowing up people’s ears with my bellowing throat howls. Things are also starting to get mighty busy for us. We’re finishing up getting our new […]

Ongoing Special Offer with Fangamer

I’m not sure how many people are aware of the ongoing special offer Poemato CX has with Fangamer. If you order something from Fangamer, mention Mato, myself, or Poemato CX in the comments when you check out. I work at there, so I’ll add some extra free goodies & Mato will draw some weird things and […]

Growing My Yokai Watch Merch Collection

I found this totally cute, totally functional little Yokai Watch bento box at a local Japanese restaurant yesterday! This particular restaurant makes awesome food, and they have a little section of nerdy merchandise from Japan that’s severely overpriced. When I saw this, I couldn’t resist and I had to buy it! I feel like the […]

Yokai Watch: We Made a Badass Jibanyan!

We streamed some more Yokai Watch last night, and a number of things happened! We learned which is superior, rice or cake We did a ton of fusions/evolutions We revisited the final boss as an experiment We made a sword-related choice that we can never ever undo now And we changed our Jibanyan into Warunyan, […]

Yokai Watch: We Got Yokai Watch 2!

Last night we streamed some more Yokai Watch live English translation, and we started off by opening an overseas package from chat regular Tachypsychia! In it was none other than… YOKAI WATCH 2!! Tachypsychia also sent a bunch of other goodies too, so check out last night’s stream to see what we got! During our […]

Last Night: Yokai Watch

We streamed some more Yokai Watch and live-translated it into English! You can see the entire thing on Twitch here, including the pre-show, or you can see it all on YouTube here, without the pre-show: We got a couple quests done, got some good capsules, fought a secret diamond Jibanyan, and made some accidental butt […]