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Yokai Watch + Terminator Synergy!

Just saw this a little while ago: Yokai Watch’s robot cat is going to be promoting the new Terminator movie. THAT’S how big this series has become 😯 I can’t remember if we’ve caught one of those robonyans or not in our playthrough yet. I think we got a gold one, though.

Testing Stuff Some More!

One time I ate a hamburger in Japan and it was pretty good. Then I ate a burger made up of ground fish and it was not good. Hello! Boop! Bop! Farts!

Poemato CX Site Upgrade!

At last, Poemato CX levels up! I’ve been meaning to improve our site for months and months now, but kept putting it off. Now the chosen time has come! If you’re reading this, consider yourself lucky! You will have a good day today! Now to continue testing all the features of this theme I hacked […]