Famicom Exorcism #2 w/ Guest Star: KingDarian!

A few days ago we held our second Famicom Exorcism, and since KingDarian was in town at the time, we let him pick the Famicom game this time!

He eventually chose a game called Jajamaru Ninpo Cho, which almost got released in English as Taro’s Quest. It was fun and the music was bad – it was a memorable experience!

I’ll need to improve the audio setup for future 3-person streams, oops! And I need to remember to turn the game down even more for future Famicom streams. Still, check it out! This was actually the last stream we did – shortly after this I fell sick and I’ve been sick ever since. I met 8000 people at Camp Fangamer that I guess it was bound to happen 😛

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