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Camp Fangamer Mods Needed

Camp Fangamer starts really soon, and Fangamer asked me if any Poemato CX chatters would like to help moderate the Twitch chat during Fangamer’s live streams on Saturday and Sunday. I’d only feel comfortable giving mods to current Poemato CX mods and Poemato CX regulars/oldbies, so if you’re interested, let me and Poe know on […]

One of Poemato CX’s Youngest Fans!

Poopballoon and WeedGokuYoloWife are adored regulars in the Poemato CX chat, and apparently their daughter finds our streams entertaining too! .@ClydeMandelin @floatypoe have a good night! — mlwoakes (@wgywife) July 14, 2015 Hopefully it’s because we’re silly and not because we’re smelly…

Guest Hosts on PSI Let’s Play!

HylianWolf is a regular in our Poemato CX chats, and he asked us if we’d be guests on an EarthBound stream of his. We finally managed to find time for it, so here it is! HylianWolf would actually love to have other EarthBound fans on as future guests, so if you’re interested in teaming up […]

A Special Package Has Arrived!

We received a special package from a faraway place recently! We haven’t opened it yet, but we’ll open it up live on an upcoming stream!