Poemato CX is a game stream on Twitch, hosted by Poe and Tomato several times a week. It's a laid-back, casual stream, with an emphasis on playing games in unusual new ways!

Here are a few past examples and highlights:

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What We Play

We tend to play retro games and indie games, including games we've made ourselves. Sometimes we'll delve into the more mainstream stuff with Dark Souls and such, but for the most part we play games we grew up with and have always wanted to play since we were kids.

Here are some dedicated pages for our bigger playthroughs - more pages to come!

Who We Are

You might recognize Mato/Tomato as the guy behind all sorts of EarthBound sites and projects, including Starmen.Net, EarthBound Central, and the MOTHER 3 fan translation. He's also a professional translator and programs all sorts of stuff on the side.

You might recognize Poe from Fangamer videos and projects - she's always talking with cool people in the industry and coming up with ideas for new gaming merchandise.

Poemato CX is the perfect way to combine all our talents and hobbies, so we hope you'll check out our streams sometime!

Fan Art

A highlight of Poemato CX streams is when chatters send in art of stuff that's happened in the game or something that's happened during a stream. We share fan art on the stream and put it all into the in-stream Hall of Fame. Here are some samples!

Poemato CX Fans

Here's what fans are saying about Poemato CX:

  • "Twitch usually makes me feel old; yours is the stream that made me understand its appeal!" - Dan Bruno, associate designer at Harmonix
  • "hey I watched a bunch of your CQ2 stream and it made me super happy" - Ben Burbank, lead programmer for Costume Quest 2
  • "Just wanted to let you and Poe know that your Yokai Watch live translation is the best thing on Twitch right now." - Shaun Inman, Retro Game Crunch developer
  • "This is really cool... I had to clean my bathroom so I just turned your twitch on while cleaning" - panzeroceanix
  • "I have a lot of difficulty suppressing my feelings for how cute Tomato and Poe are" - Courierrice
  • "I walked to Dunkin Donuts in the rain to watch your live stream" - Michael E.
  • "It's official. Mato is a goddamn wizard." - Masterbashms
  • "sorry my girlfriend showed up and I am trying to figure out how to explain to her what is going on" - Mitch
  • "I'm totally new to this stream and THIS IS ADORABLE, WOW" - Abandonedrocketship
  • "This is legit the most cool/chill channel I have ever seen" - Unqualifiedgamers101
  • "Congratulations - you're the first stream I've played while going through a taco place drive-through" - Benjaminpv

Silly Quotes & Situations

We're silly people playing silly games, so we're always saying goofy stuff on accident, to the point that it's become a highlight of our streams! All the best quotes get immortalized on the stream, including funny quotes from the chat, too. Here are a few samples of accidental quotes:

  • "I'm talking about pooping and I'm dying!"
  • "Should Christian porn be powered by nuclear power?"
  • "As you can see, we're still filling the ant butt up"
  • "Spaghetti has no place in a volcano."
  • "I just need to kill everybody, that's all that matters."
  • "I like the way you die."
  • "I've been alive for about 73 years and I still don't understand wax teeth."
  • "I threw that bomb, and I knew what it'd do... but I wanted those pancakes."

There's even a Twitter account that repeats some of our Poemato CX quotes!

Pre-Show Fun

Before we start a stream, we run a short pre-show to make sure everything is set up properly and to give everyone time to arrive.

Our pre-show usually consists of goofy videos we've made, some of which we don't share on YouTube for a while - so if you want to see all the fun, extra stuff, come to our little pre-shows!

Stream Magic

Our streams also have a lot of neat little extras to enhance the experience in some way. Here's a look at some of them!

Tomato Points

Sometimes we give out "Tomato Points" during streams - they're mostly just meaningless fun. We give them out when someone says something funny or helpful, when someone sends in fan art, when someone completes certain challenges, stuff like that. It's up to you to keep track of your points.

Tomato Points are pointless, but if you REALLY want you can exchange 50 for one Kool-Aid packet, or 500 for a drawing done by Mato. Or you can hold on to them and be a hoarder!

Watch Us!

It's always cool to see how fans tune in and from where! Sometimes they'll tune in from airplanes, their backyard, their work... We even have many viewers from all over the world who don't understand English but enjoy our streams anyway! Here are some pics of fans' viewing set-ups!

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Follow Our Friends!

A lot of the regulars in the Poemato CX chat have streams of their own - check them out sometime and consider following them, too!

Send Us Stuff!

Viewers also send us stuff through the mail! We read our mail and share it live on our streams, so if you'd like to send letters, postcards, suggestions for games we can play in the future, send stuff here:

Poemato CX c/o Fangamer
3655 E 2nd St.
Tucson, AZ 85716


We don't have a set schedule and don't stream every day, but here is our general schedule when we do:

Starting around 7:30 to 8:00 PM Arizona time
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Starting around 4:00 or 5:00 PM Arizona time
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Don't know what to watch first? These are good for first-timers!


Here are some pics from just a few of our streams!