Introducing the Famicom Exorcism Series! (Name Pending…)

Poe and I bought a big lot of random Famicom games a couple years back, and we’ve wanted to stream them at random for a long time. So we finally began a new series the other night, tentatively called the Famicom Exorcism series!

Basically, each time, we’ll choose a random game from our pile of 200-300 games and play it for the full stream, whether it’s good or not, boring or not. We gotta give each game a good shot so that their spirits can finally be free!

Our very first game turned out to be AMAZING! We were very iffy at first, but it turned into one of our best streams in a while – definitely check it out!

The game is called “Lasalle Ishii’s Child’s Quest” and was nothing like what we expected. We started out by saying, “Oh, no…” and then ending on, “We should play this more on stream!!!”

Incidentally, here’s the TV commercial for the game:

And if you’d like to continue where we left off, here’s the password we used! Let us know if you pick up where we stopped, and how far you eventually get!


0らきそ 光さあほ けれなん
▷す井あ 5あああ ああ4あ

Incidentally, we’re still uncertain about calling this series “Famicom Exorcism”, so if you have any good suggestions for a better series title, let us know in the comments!

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