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The Ultimate Painting Attacks!

Life is still insanely busy at the Poemato house – more busy than it’s ever been! A million things are happening all at once like a giant whirlwind of busy-ness, so streams will be few for the next week or two or three. Once we’ve fully moved into our new house and gotten everything hooked […]

We Played Yokai Watch and Shared Fan Mail!

We finally streamed some more Yokai Watch the other day, and before we began we shared some cool fan mail we received! Oh yeah, and we finally started the ACTUAL post-game content, which has led us to the post-game super dungeon: Infinite Hell! Because I’m so busy I’ve been putting up the archives for this […]

We Played the Zelda 1 Prototype!

We played the Zelda 1 prototype the other day on Poemato CX! I needed to get a few screenshots for my upcoming Zelda book, so we decided to make a stream out of it… and it turned out to be pretty cool and memorable! You can check out the full stream playlist here. (For some […]

The Rare Japanese Zelda 1 Board Game!

Poe and I have been working hard on our first Legends of Localization book with the folks at Fangamer. (BTW, sign up for pre-order notifications here!) The book features photos of a lot of rare Zelda merchandise, so we went and procured a lot of it! One of the big pieces we got was the […]

Poemato History: Mato’s Very First Let’s Play Video!

Back in like 2006-2008, YouTube was just getting big, and I really enjoyed when people would upload game videos with commentary added. Even though I was SUPER shy and had no confidence in my speaking ability (especially when using a bad microphone and talking to no one in the room) I decided I’d try a […]

We Streamed Work for My Upcoming Zelda Book!

My very first Legends of Localization book is well underway, and it’s even listed on Fangamer’s store now! Sign up to be notified when preorders are available! Anyway, I needed to get some final screenshots from the GBA version of Zelda 1’s second quest for the book, so yesterday we streamed the whole thing! It […]

Poe’s Recommended Books & Movies

Just as Mato started┬áto get over his cold/flu, I developed a sore throat & cough! Nobody wants to listen to a pair of coughing sickies play video games, so Poemato CX will be on hold for a little longer than anticipated.┬áSince we haven’t been streaming, we’ve been watching movies on Netflix instead. I’ve also been […]

Poemato CX Stream Magic Anniversary!

I was looking at old stuff and realized that today marks the 1 year anniversary of the day I showed off my first “stream magic” on Poemato CX! You might recall it was for Final Fantasy VI T-Edition, which was an amazing game by itself, but the whole poemato+game+chat connection really helped us level up […]