Status Update!

Mato here! I’m still sick but getting better – I got a really bad cough too, so it might be a while until we’re good enough to stream without me blowing up people’s ears with my bellowing throat howls.

Things are also starting to get mighty busy for us. We’re finishing up getting our new house, we got a vacation in a few weeks, my work is getting busier than ever, family stuff is going on, I still need to fix a million things on this server, etc. So streams might be a little light for a while 🙁 But if you’d really like, check out our old YouTube archives, maybe there’s stuff on there you haven’t seen before!

Also, check out some fellow CXers’ streams too!

In my downtime I’ve been playing Yokai Watch to try to level us up. I even looked up lots of cool Japanese tricks on how to get high levels quickly… but they all got fixed in the latest version of the game 🙁 So right now I’m stuck grinding super-slowly in a few places. I don’t want to enter any new areas or catch any new stuff unless it’s on-stream, so that really limits my options. Does anyone have any good grinding spots or tips for Yokai Watch 1? Re-fighting the last boss is such a pain, and we haven’t entered the Infinite Hell dungeon yet…

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