The Ultimate Painting Attacks!

Life is still insanely busy at the Poemato house – more busy than it’s ever been! A million things are happening all at once like a giant whirlwind of busy-ness, so streams will be few for the next week or two or three. Once we’ve fully moved into our new house and gotten everything hooked up, we’ll return for good. Who knows, maybe our stream layout will get a bit of a change too!

For now, here’s a painting that kee_fry in the Poemato CX chat sent us as a housewarming gift 😯


Our new neighbors are going to poop their pants if they ever stop by!

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One Response to “The Ultimate Painting Attacks!”

  1. SparTonberry says:

    Not the stream layout!

    Hope you enjoy your new place. 🙂