We Started a Poemato CX Wiki!

I have no experience with wikis or anything else, but for a long time I’ve felt we could probably use one for Poemato CX. So here it is, at last:

Some early ideas I have for the wiki include:

  • Compiling all our Yokai Watch enemy/item names and comparing them with the upcoming official names
  • Compiling all the funny and silly quotes from our streams into one place
  • Organizing a lot of the info on the games we’ve played – this will also help us remember to play games we left halfway finished!
  • A fan art gallery?
  • A page with info on regulars who’d like to have a bio/profile of some sort?
  • A page listing guests we’ve had on our streams/projects
  • A list of all the streams we’ve ever done, possibly with summaries
  • A list of memorable moments
  • A list of weird quirks we have on our streams, like the Celes “Sell-is Se-less” thing or Poe’s voice acting

I don’t know, some of these might be better suited for this here site, but I’ll give it some thought. If anyone out there reading this has any suggestions, let me know!

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3 Responses to “We Started a Poemato CX Wiki!”

  1. BusterTheFox says:

    I’m working on a “Fan Submissions” page for the wiki right now! I have no idea how I want to structure it, so I’m just making an amateur-hour setup and hoping somebody makes it look better. xD

    This will be the “fan art gallery” thing you mentioned above, but I say “submissions” because it should hopefully include other forms of media, too. Like my Ekk! The Cat video. :p I dunno if anyone else has posted videos or anything, but I encourage anybody who has fan art to post it to the page! Hopefully we can organize it by which “series” the art was for, like FFIV T-Edition or Yokai Watch, etc.. Or maybe alphabetically by contributor.

  2. Mato says:

    Cool! I can provide all the current fan art and who sent it all in later. I like the idea of including non-art stuff too, like those videos.

  3. Lucklight says:

    I’m not sure what I can help with at this point, but I’m sure I can think of something. If anything, I can correct any spelling and grammar issues I see (after all, I should put that English Diploma to good use)

    I’m excited to help make this full of fun.