Final Fantasy IV: The After Years is Back!

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Yesterday Poe and I randomly decided to stream more FFIV: The After Years! We quickly remembered why we stopped last time, but we still managed to poop out a four-hour stream, which is pretty rare for us!

If you like dumb voice acting and the idea of rewriting the game’s dialogue on the fly, you might enjoy this. Otherwise, a pong console with Cecil drawn on it is probably a better FFIV game than this.

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3 Responses to “Final Fantasy IV: The After Years is Back!”

  1. BusterTheFox says:

    The reason The After Years wasn’t in the original game is because this was the part of the story where it stopped being interesting. Lol.

    In other news, is there a way to make an account here? I notice the comments like displaying a generic avatar next to my posts, so I thought I might be able to add my own…

    • BusterTheFox says:

      Nevermind, I found it. Kind of hidden at the bottom of the site… Most places keep it at the top, you know? Just a suggestion. 🙂

  2. Lucklight says:

    At least we learned what a “Plinth” is!