Ongoing Special Offer with Fangamer

I’m not sure how many people are aware of the ongoing special offer Poemato CX has with Fangamer. If you order something from Fangamer, mention Mato, myself, or Poemato CX in the comments when you check out. I work at there, so I’ll add some extra free goodies & Mato will draw some weird things and probably give you an expired coupon!


Tonight I’m stuffing 4 recent Fangamer orders with some bonus goodies. We’ll be including our business cards and these cute Yokai Watch stickers for a while (until we run out)!

~ Poe


Growing My Yokai Watch Merch Collection


I found this totally cute, totally functional little Yokai Watch bento box at a local Japanese restaurant yesterday! This particular restaurant makes awesome food, and they have a little section of nerdy merchandise from Japan that’s severely overpriced. When I saw this, I couldn’t resist and I had to buy it! I feel like the Yokai Watch Ambassador, after all~

~ Poe

EarthBound Central Live – Camp Fangamer Special!

Camp Fangamer ended about two days ago, and so much happened! Poe and I spend this episode of EarthBound Central Live trying to remember it all, but it’s literally hard to remember everything!

Thanks to all the Poemato CX people who were there for the streams! And thanks to everyone we met who were fans of Poemato CX! I was shocked how many there were 😯

I also hear the Poemato CX mods kicked butt and took names whenever anyone tried to lame it up, great job! And I hear everyone went crazy anytime Poe or I were on screen – even if it was just my head 😀

(Actually I should’ve done the green screen, I just realized I had a green tie on at the time!)

Poemato CX Business Cards are Real!


We’re taking 100 Poemato CX business cards to Camp Fangamer this weekend and giving them away! If you talk to either of us, we’ll give you a card if we remember. Mato will even draw something on the back of the card if you request it!


Camp Fangamer Mods Needed

Camp Fangamer starts really soon, and Fangamer asked me if any Poemato CX chatters would like to help moderate the Twitch chat during Fangamer’s live streams on Saturday and Sunday. I’d only feel comfortable giving mods to current Poemato CX mods and Poemato CX regulars/oldbies, so if you’re interested, let me and Poe know on Twitter or via e-mail!

Mato Draws, Episode 19

LuckLightPlays cashed in 500 Tomato Points a good while back for a drawing! And here it is!

And here it is when we debuted it – it took people a while to guess the correct answer!

EarthBound Central Live: July 13, 2015

We had another EarthBound Central Live stream last night!

This time we talked about recent EarthBound news (including Satoru Iwata’s passing), shared some e-mails from readers/viewers, and played some more Twitch vs. EarthBound! I hope to continue improving TvEB in the future, so if you have any suggestions let me know!

One of Poemato CX’s Youngest Fans!

Poopballoon and WeedGokuYoloWife are adored regulars in the Poemato CX chat, and apparently their daughter finds our streams entertaining too!

Hopefully it’s because we’re silly and not because we’re smelly…

Introducing Twitch Vs. EarthBound!

Yesterday I threw together some code that modifies EarthBound’s gameplay on the fly… and turns chatters in the Poemato CX chat into enemies in the game!

We streamed it as an experiment yesterday to find bugs and issues, but it turned out to be one of our most fun, successful streams yet!

There was also a bit of a somber mood in the air, as the news of Satoru Iwata’s passing was released just as we started. So many of us in the chat were really upset by it, but it was also nice to be able to laugh and have fun with fellow fans as we played around with the programming work Iwata created when he saved MOTHER 2/EarthBound from cancellation.

Introducing the Famicom Exorcism Series! (Name Pending…)

Poe and I bought a big lot of random Famicom games a couple years back, and we’ve wanted to stream them at random for a long time. So we finally began a new series the other night, tentatively called the Famicom Exorcism series!

Basically, each time, we’ll choose a random game from our pile of 200-300 games and play it for the full stream, whether it’s good or not, boring or not. We gotta give each game a good shot so that their spirits can finally be free!

Our very first game turned out to be AMAZING! We were very iffy at first, but it turned into one of our best streams in a while – definitely check it out!

The game is called “Lasalle Ishii’s Child’s Quest” and was nothing like what we expected. We started out by saying, “Oh, no…” and then ending on, “We should play this more on stream!!!”

Incidentally, here’s the TV commercial for the game:

And if you’d like to continue where we left off, here’s the password we used! Let us know if you pick up where we stopped, and how far you eventually get!


0らきそ 光さあほ けれなん
▷す井あ 5あああ ああ4あ

Incidentally, we’re still uncertain about calling this series “Famicom Exorcism”, so if you have any good suggestions for a better series title, let us know in the comments!