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Poemato CX on Hold for Recovery Time

As many of you know, Camp Fangamer was last weekend. Mato met and shook hands with hundreds of people, and as a result he’s come down with a post-con cold! It’s a pretty bad one, so we’re gonna take some time off from Poemato CX for a few days so Mato can rest and recover. There probably […]

EarthBound Central Live – Camp Fangamer Special!

Camp Fangamer ended about two days ago, and so much happened! Poe and I spend this episode of EarthBound Central Live trying to remember it all, but it’s literally hard to remember everything! Thanks to all the Poemato CX people who were there for the streams! And thanks to everyone we met who were fans […]

EarthBound Central Live: July 13, 2015

We had another EarthBound Central Live stream last night! This time we talked about recent EarthBound news (including Satoru Iwata’s passing), shared some e-mails from readers/viewers, and played some more Twitch vs. EarthBound! I hope to continue improving TvEB in the future, so if you have any suggestions let me know! Follow us on Twitch! […]

Introducing Twitch Vs. EarthBound!

Yesterday I threw together some code that modifies EarthBound’s gameplay on the fly… and turns chatters in the Poemato CX chat into enemies in the game! We streamed it as an experiment yesterday to find bugs and issues, but it turned out to be one of our most fun, successful streams yet! There was also […]

Introducing the Famicom Exorcism Series! (Name Pending…)

Poe and I bought a big lot of random Famicom games a couple years back, and we’ve wanted to stream them at random for a long time. So we finally began a new series the other night, tentatively called the Famicom Exorcism series! Basically, each time, we’ll choose a random game from our pile of […]

Yokai Watch: We Made a Badass Jibanyan!

We streamed some more Yokai Watch last night, and a number of things happened! We learned which is superior, rice or cake We did a ton of fusions/evolutions We revisited the final boss as an experiment We made a sword-related choice that we can never ever undo now And we changed our Jibanyan into Warunyan, […]

Yokai Watch: We Got Yokai Watch 2!

Last night we streamed some more Yokai Watch live English translation, and we started off by opening an overseas package from chat regular Tachypsychia! In it was none other than… YOKAI WATCH 2!! Tachypsychia also sent a bunch of other goodies too, so check out last night’s stream to see what we got! During our […]

Guest Hosts on PSI Let’s Play!

HylianWolf is a regular in our Poemato CX chats, and he asked us if we’d be guests on an EarthBound stream of his. We finally managed to find time for it, so here it is! HylianWolf would actually love to have other EarthBound fans on as future guests, so if you’re interested in teaming up […]

EarthBound Central Live: July 6, 2015

Mondays are our EarthBound Central Live streams, and last night’s was a lot of fun! So many silly moments, interesting discussions, and crazy ideas from every direction! Check it out here: PROTIP: See the video’s description to skip to specific topics! And if you’re a Poemato CX regular, this might be up your alley! Follow […]

Trans-America Quiz Full Stream Archive

The other day I posted a link to a “highlights” version of our recent Trans-America Ultra Quiz stream, but if you’re a fan of the full Poemato CX experience, here’s the full 2+ hours for you to enjoy! That ending, man…