Heart Rate Monitor Revisited

IMG_6686It’s been one year since Mato played Dark Souls II while¬†attached to a heart rate monitor on Poemato CX. Even though we both love the Souls series, neither of us are very good at the games, and Dark Souls II turned out to be not as fun as the first¬†one anyway. We don’t plan on revisiting this game on Poemato CX, but check out the archive here if you’re interested!

We still want to optimize our heart rate monitor & play more intense games in the future. Which games would you like to see us play while wearing such a device? We don’t like games with jump scares, so intense games that require lots of concentration will definitely get our hearts pumping!

~ Poe

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2 Responses to “Heart Rate Monitor Revisited”

  1. Lucklight says:

    You guys always seem like super-calm people, no matter the situation, so I’m having trouble thinking of anything that isn’t jump-scary. Perhaps we can find a good Cerebral horror game for you both?

    I would have said a good challenging platformer would work too, like Ninja Gaiden, but Mato seems to master that stuff.

    I guess a challenging RPG like T-edition would be out too. He always seems calm despite difficult odds.

    Ugh, this is hard! I’ll keep thinking.

  2. Celicethe says:

    Alien: Isolation could be neat for this! Or the Silent Hill games.